Apple will only create the software of their autonomous car, but not what will be built

Apple TVThe giant of telephony Apple had looked forward to to thousands of his fans with the design of what could be the the first vehicle of the apple bite. However, the main economic support of Apple, the sale of mobile phones, has fallen for the first time in several years and this has made the leaders of the firm will think very seriously to venture into projects that make them to consume large amounts of money without having the return insured.

Apple, from the year 2014, I would be developing an electric vehicle, and autonomous to compete with the smaller models of Tesla. This project, known internally as Project Titan, should result in a vehicle that would have to be on the road in the year 2020. However the release date has been delayed progressively so that eventually we don’t know if the electric vehicle and autonomous from Apple will hit the market.

Apple CarPlay pantalla inicioThis information, with Bloomberg, has been corroborated, but according to a different version. According to the media, Apple would have abandoned the idea of manufacturing its electric vehicle, and autonomous. However it would not be a total abandonment as the company continues to work on the Project Titan but from another scope. Following the news the mark of the apple bite would develop the artificial intelligence necessary for the vehicle to be completely autonomous.

To manufacture the other components of the vehicle, Apple could ally themselves to other brands. The reason is simple, Apple does not have the know-how enough to develop and manufacture a vehicle from scratch and this would be a wear very economic great for the brand. This is why the leadership of the brand would have bet on to specialize in the development of the software necessary for this type of vehicles and already in a second stage to launch into manufacturing its own autonomous vehicle.

Source – Bloomberg