Apple would be developing its iOsCar for our cars

Apple CarPlayWhat Apple and their projects-driving autonomous is complicated to understand. The company founded by the Esteve Jobs wanted to enter fully into the automotive industry and the driving autonomous to match its arch-enemy Google. For this he has signed to base of book-to-big executives in the automotive industry, and even had spoken to who already had partners with whom I could get to build its first autonomous vehicle.

All of these actions would be within the framework of the Project Titan. A very ambitious plan that would take her to be a leader among the autonomous vehicles. However the other day I we reported that this project appeared to have been cancelled. According to Bloomberg the mark of the apple bite would have abandoned the idea of building its autonomous car with its own resources, and would have gone on to focus on the design of the artificial intelligence necessary for the cars of other brands can be functional, and autonomous.

Coche autónomo de Google de producciónhowever, and according to the same source we have another news. According to this means that Apple would be doing would be to develop its own operating system to the cars of the future. As with the smartphones in which we find platforms Google’s Android, Apple’s IOs and to a lesser extent, Microsoft-Nokia and BlackBerry we would have in our car a proprietary operating system.

In this way Apple would be looking for is that the brands that wanted to could enter their car with their own operating system and developed for these applications, and functionality. However, it is not clear if with this new development, the mark of the apple will just focus on creating a platform of information and entertainment or a more comprehensive system that allows for converting this car in one self-contained.

need to be attentive to rumors because when the river sounds it is because water takes and Apple will not stop making noise.

Source – Bloomberg