Approaching a new rival for the M3 and RS4, the Jaguar XE SVR

Jaguar XE tracción total

who doesn’t like sedans sports? Despite the fact that our roads are full of cars to go from point a To point B, there still exist models that serve to do that and so much more, both to go to make the purchase as to be passed by a circuit to enjoy a track day. Yes, the cost of use per kilometer is not acceptable for all, nor their acquisition.

The king of sedans sports segment D is the BMW M3. I don’t think there is a doubt about it. But this does not mean that it is the only option, and also taking the Mercedes C Class signed by AMG or, in a second plane, the Audi RS4, being these two rivals closer. It seems that soon will add another model and, in this case, shall not of Germany but of Great Britain; the Jaguar XE SVR.

Jaguar XE produccion

Auto Express points out in an article that the division of Operations of Special Vehicles (SVO) of Jaguar-Land Rover is developing a variant derivative of XE with high performance. As we have said, will receive the name of the Jaguar XE SVR. The engine bay will be occupied by a powerful V8 of 5 litres with supercharging, the same that the one used on the F-Type SVR. As our peers will not come up to 575 HP coupe, but will be in a few more than enough for 500 HP.

Everything seems to indicate that the Jaguar XE SVR will use a system of four wheel drive (but does not rule out the possibility of sending all the power “back”) and an automatic change. If so, would also fall between the potential rivals of the future Audi RS4, which will always use his system of all-wheel drive quattro. We’ll see if it actually comes to confirm this rumor. The more competition, the better for us.

Source – Auto Express