April fool's Day 2016: the best jokes from car manufacturers


April Fool’s Day is the day of the innocent international excellence that will be held every April 1. In such a day as today you will read news mixed in all kinds of publications, some more trambolicas other. Car manufacturers do not stand behind in terms of jokes of all kinds, these are the best jokes that we have tried to brew this year.

MINI-Hipster Hatch


The first of our list is this limited edition MINI inspired by the current most widespread of the last few years. With the MINI-Hipster Hatch returned to the future with a vehicle inside of which you will not find screens digital touch that are very mainstream but in its place the central console incorporates a computer music analog of double-cassette and manual equalizer, while the classical sphere in the center is replaced by a speaker.

Even if your computer is “multimedia” is not his only big news, this vehicle has a manual gearbox with a single gear to go forward, in homage to the bicycle sprocket fixed. In fact you can not go very fast because the vehicle does not exceed 40 km/h, a rate similar to that of our precious bike fixie. On the outside nor does it lack the ceiling and the fins of that nice patterned style shirt lumberjack.

Ford SYNC MoodTech


The signature oval blue gives a further step towards the integration between vehicle and driver. This new device in the form of a wrist strap is compatible with the systems of info-entertainment SYNC2 and SYNC3 to be able to configure the vehicle dynamically depending on our mood.

The system uses various technologies to monitor us as heart rate, body temperature, or the movement of our eyes to whether we are in one of these states: hunger, vanity, karaoke, confused, angry, tired, happy, or with the broken heart. This system if it detects that you are hungry quickly will do a search for the GPS for a place to satiate our appetite, and starts the route faster in the browser.

Update Nissan N-Connect: new App to link


Nissan announces new application link in your N-Connect. According to the statement, more than a million homeowners singles of Nissan vehicles are on the road looking for love. In the application you’ll be able to make a profile and go see other owners who are receptive/responsive, if both the os gustáis the GPS will make it possible for a meeting. What else is up your.

Lexus V-LCRO Technology

Lexus is a manufacturer that has very present the sportsmanship of all of their vehicles. From now on the Lexus RC F and GS F has as an option a few front seats special technology V-LCRO (Variable Load Coupling Rear Orientation) that offer a restraint to the seat without equal capable of keeping the driver glued to the seat with forces of up to 3G in any direction. Although, you will need to use a costume designed especially for this.

The umbrella for pets Skoda


Skoda has always been characterized by offering the best of the VAG group at a great price. Proof of this is the spectacular sedan Skoda Superb, which for a very competitive price it has features that only luxury brands can offer such as the umbrella for adults integrated in the front doors.

however the signature Czech wanted to go above and beyond to offer an accessory similar to our pets. This umbrella is integrated into an adjustable harness “hands free” so that our pet can walk in the rain without getting wet and without having to hold it. A detail from Skoda that will have very good acceptance on the part of those who have pet.