April Fools’ Day: a compilation with some of the jokes of the manufacturers

MINI puertas de tijeraon The 1st day of April is known internationally as the April Fools’ Day, a day on which pranks are taking over the internet. We could define it as the equivalent of the day of the Holy Innocents, here in Spain it is celebrated every December 28. Therefore if today you read something weird, you do not finish to believe, it is this tradition of pranks in a great part of Europe and the united States.

of course the automobile manufacturers, as every year, wanted to join this party. In our industry, fortunately, the jokes tend to be quite exaggerated and easy to detect. Other years, we’ve been able to find with a BMW M3 pick-up or an Opel Astra with the seats lined lawn. Then we leave a compilation with some of the best jokes of the edition 2016.

MINI doors scissor and MINI Hipster Hatch

MINI Hipster HatchMINI during the day of today has presented two sorts of absurd things. As many of you have seen in the header image, on the one hand we have a MINI with the doors with opening scissor. According to the brand, could be set up in all its range and the price of this accessory was 1,959 euros. Perfect for when you have problems of space, and also includes the system Pyrotechnic Emergency Exit, that almost would prefer not to imagine what it is.

The second ‘novelty’ of the brand is about MINI-Hipster Hatch. With that name already we can get an idea of what it is. Ceiling and decoration shirt lumberjack, windows with filters of Instagram or upholstery denim worn are their hallmarks. In the interior forget about the technology, because it includes only a player cassettes. Its manual gearbox has only one gear, in honor of the bike ‘fixie’.

Honda introduces a registration with emojis

Honda matricula emojisemoticons are out of fashion. There is No one who does not use today with the amount of social networks and instant messaging tools that we have. What Honda proposes to us is to bring these emojis to tuition of our cars. According to their survey (of doubtful origin), at least one , 96% of those under age 30 prefer these sympathetic tuition to the traditional with numbers and letters. Another crazy idea that we’ll never get to see on the roads.

Lexus and its seats with technology V-LCRO

Lexus asientos V-LCRO Lexus at the beginning looked serious presentation. It is a few seats with a new system to connect the driver and the vehicle. The seriousness ends when you read the name of this technology is V-LCRO. According to Lexus, is translated as Variable Load Coupling Rear Orientation, but in practice this is not the other things that put velcro in the seats.

For it to work it would have to carry a special costume that we attach to the seat. With this ‘technology’ the driver could withstand forces of up to 3G in any direction. The fun comes when you tap exit vehicle and we have to ask for help because we can’t abandon it for ourselves.

An Opel Adam S that works by giving string

Opel Adam S cuerdaFor his appearance we would say that it is an Opel Adam S. however, the German brand has christened Opel Adam C (Clockwork). Its special feature is a ‘hand’ in the back that gives away its operation. And is that for Adam to work it is necessary winding as to the watches.

In the same way that the car toy that we used small will give you the crank to advance. Opel emphasizes that the loading is done in 15 minutes, which helps to keep us physically and then it can travel about 200 miles. An invention with a lot of banter.

The Emirates Stadium with the roof of the Citroen C1 Airspace


From Citroën have been taken very seriously this April Fools’ Day. To this end they have enlisted the help of Arsenal Football Club. The london team plays in the Emirates Stadium, a field that can hold around 60,000 followers. The idea has been to put a roof on the stadium to the purest style of the C1 Airspace.

The retractable canvas roof would need a to 9,000 square metres canvas red and the maneuver of paertura, it would only 11 seconds, the same thing that it takes for the small utility. Citroen estimates that the Arsenal will receive between 4 and 6 goals less by season, by eliminating the glare caused by the sun.

Morgan MOGrod

Morgan MOGrodAlso arrived today Morgan MOGrod, a kind of hot rod british with the characteristic look of the classic brand. Admittedly, we wouldn’t care to go into production. Noted for its high wheels and exhaust on the side and uncovered. Under the hood lies an engine V6 3.7 litre source Ford and the brand ended the joke by saying that there was more of 250.000 interested in acquiring the vehicle.

BMW shoes for baby xDrive

BMW zapatos para bebé xDriveAnother eye-catching, but that it is not far-fetched is the joke of BMW. Many brands also have a line of clothing for sale. However, the German manufacturer goes a step further featuring a few shoes for baby xDrive. The allusion to the all-wheel drive system, serves to indicate that will improve the stability of the under the age of three years in any type of terrain: parquet, carpet, tiles… Maximum safety for the little ones of the house in two colors, blue and pink.

Skoda Snowman and umbrella for dogs

Skoda SnowmanSkoda is also celebrating this day double. First we find an innovative off-road and we’re not talking about the new SUV of the brand. The Skoda Snowman this time it’s a snow thrower giant of more than 9 meters long and 2.5 meters wide. A system receives plug-in hybrid 400 CV of 650 Nm and supposedly will be on sale in some countries € 280,000.

The second case is less spectacular but just as curious. In the Skoda Superb includes a compartment in the door frame where to be able to accommodate an umbrella. For nur pet not to get wet on the rainy days, the brand has decided to install another umbrella smaller for our four-legged friends. It comes packaged in a harness adjustable to not have to hold it down.

Skoda paraguas perro