Arai gives shelve the criticism of Alonso in Japan: “We are motivated”


Photo: McLaren

The season you are going through two champions such as Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso could well qualify as calvary. The expectations on a new project, with Honda returning to Formula 1 in the second season of the return of the V6 engines Turbo, were not very high. The one-year delay that lead, coupled with the re-encounter of two brands that had long separated, it was assumed that this year would not be easy for McLaren, but the reality has been much worse than anyone expected. Their pilots have always defended the team and its driver, asking for patience and assuring that the future will be positive, although sometimes the situation will pass. Happened to Alonso during the Grand Prix of Japan, when exploded by radio, criticizing its power unit and lifting up the controversy.

Now, the director of Honda Motorsport has given by closed the matter, protecting your star and removing importance to the comments of spectators around the world were able to hear (“it is shameful”, “engine GP2”). Yasuhisa Arai recognized the French half that the effect of such criticism was not negative, but that served to promote the work of the team: “In the first place, the comments of Fernando at Suzuka were an encouragement to us. So I don’t think bad about it, nor do I think that out at all in the negative direction. We just have to be better”. The japanese have been more diplomatic, the head of Alonso, Ron Dennis, who shortly after the race supported your pilot…to mean: “And what do you shot? Although I can understand that, not only is this race”.

The own Alonso has stated that the update of Honda, which proved to McLaren in free practice at the last grand prix, gives the expected power, and continue the positive messages about your computer and its supplier of engines. To definitely conclude the chapter of the radio messages, Arai extolled the quality of your pilot, which you win on the track the right to protest when things are not going well: “we can Not forget that in Sochi was sanctioned, went out in 19th, and finished 10th (before the penalty which made him lose a point). He is brilliant and I am happy to be able to work with him”.

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