Arai: “Honda will be stronger and better in 2016. Team and riders trust”


Photo: McLaren

Australian Grand Prix will open the season 2016 Formula 1 and will be the test number 100 for the association McLaren-Honda. The goal for the japanese brand is getting to that weekend that will kick off a new course with all the problems seen in this 2015 solved. This has been confirmed Yasuhisa Arai Speed Week, where it reaffirmed that the best decision was to get on the grid this year and that will be better the next championship: “we Know the weaknesses of our engine, which will be solved for Melbourne 2016. There have been many talks with McLaren and drivers, but the good news is that all rely on us. We want to be ready for the GP number 100 of McLaren-Honda. We are a team”.

This year has been, as already said Alonso on several occasions, a season of testing. So reaffirms Arai balance: “Mexico could be the best memory of this year. The worst was Melbourne. We were not sufficiently prepared and had not tested enough, but it came to the race. Half of the world we find the weakness exact engine, but we have not been able to resolve it during the season. There was No possibility”. However, does not repent you have already entered in Formula 1: “we don’t start too soon, because the problem would have been the experience. There needs to be action on the track, and the championship of 2015 it has been used in a certain way as a test, and we learned a lot”.

Now comes a winter of hard work from Honda, which can only improve: “we look forward to the development during the winter, in which we will focus on the reliability, and we want to improve the power unit. There are still some problems with the reliability and we have to continue working”. Despite the difficulties of this world, Arai wants to thank your partner, and to the pilots for their commitment…and their patience: “I Want to thank the riders for supporting the team with their motivation and hard work without end. Thanks to all the team that has gone through many ups and downs during the 19 grands prix. I want to say ‘well done’ to those who have worked in Woking and Sakura. We could not have developed without all of them”.