Are already manufactured in Valladolid to 750,000 units of the Renault Capture

Renault Captur 750.000 unidades ValladolidIn February of 2013 began the production of the Renault Capture. The compact crossover of the French brand started to be manufactured in the factory Body Assembly of Valladolid. Today, this model is leader in its segment both in the Spanish market as in the european. A little over a year, was made the unit 500,000 of this vehicle, and today marks another milestone: they are now produced the 750,000 units of the Capture.

The manufactures of Valladolid is responsible to manufacture the SUV in exclusive and for the whole world. The unit that marks the milestone will go to for a client of 41 resident in the Italian of Florence. It is a Renault Capture Energy dCi 110 EDC with equipment Zen. This mechanical diesel of 110 HP is manufactured in the factory of Engines of Valladolid, which is in charge of all the engines which is then mounted in this model.

renault-captur-2The unit 750.000 Renault Capture has a design duotones. Their body color Red Desire comes with the roof in the color black by contrast. What is certain is that the combination of colors is something that triumphs in this model, since the 80% of the vehicles produced are duotone. As a curious note, there are up to 25 color options in the range and the Capture number to 500,000 carried the body in ivory white with the black roof.

the success of The Renault Capture is more than a patent and every time has a greater worldwide presence. Currently it is exported from the factory of Valladolid more than 70 countries in the five continents. Some of the last to join were South Korea and China. This good rate of production that is taking place in the city of valladolid is more likely that in 2017 it will reach a million of the units manufactured.

Source – Renault

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