Are filtered more details about the new Bugatti Chiron, a 0 to 100 km/h dizzying and your price!

Bugatti Chiron will be presented at the Geneva motor show in just a couple of months, but the rumors are still coming with the dropper. Although we have seen virtually no camouflage in the last session of spy photos, one of the presentations to potential customers has thrown up interesting data that we were previously unaware. Details about your production, your sales price to the public, and of its acceleration. One thing is clear, Bugatti is not going to let the new generation of hiperdeportivos you will climb to the beards.

What the customer would have confirmed in the first place is that the Bugatti Chiron will have an evolved version of the engine 8.0 W16 quad-turbo Veyron. This propellant would develop a maximum power of 1,500 HP, associated to a maximum torque of 1,500 Nm. Numbers of truck that will continue to happen to all four wheels. But I was not going to be a hybrid Chiron? Although we must take with a pinch of skepticism in this filtration, a hybrid version would be launched into the market somewhat later, with the aim of fighting against machines like the Koenigsegg Regera.


The Bugatti Chiron will continue to be a car comfortable, well-made and usable in the day-to-day. Which will not prevent you from accelerate up to 100 km/h in just 2,2 seconds. A number of mule that surpasses any production car ever released to the market. It has been confirmed also that its top speed will be 467 km/h, for which there will be required the production of new high-performance tires. The speedometer of the car is analog and will tare up to 500 km/h. It is more real than the Devel Sixteen.

Already would have been sold 130 units of the total production of 500 units… at a price, which starts at two million euros.

has also confirmed that your selling price to the public will be of 2 billion euros. It may seem like a “bargain”, but the price does not include taxes and we have to take into account that their production will be quite limited. Will be produced only 500 units, during a life cycle substantially shorter than that of the Veyron, a decade. The 500 units will be produced by Bugatti in Molsheim – almost handmade – at a pace of 100 units per year, or approximately one car every three days. Slowly and with good lyrics.


The car will be presented at the Geneva motor show of 2016 in just a few weeks. Hence we have all the final details.

Source: autoevolution
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