Are too expensive Hamilton? The F1 driver interested in the Hoonicorn, the Mustang Ken Block

Curious statements come to us from Germany by the hand of Motorsport Und Sport, and a Ken Block who apparently would have received the interest of Lewis Hamilton to clinch his latest gem 4 wheels: the Hoonicorn, the peculiar (and spiced up) Ford Mustang the protagonist of the last appearances of the Block.

Among the jewelry the most recent of the garage of Hamilton figure a McLaren P1 and a Pagani Zonda

According to Ken Block in an interview with the above-mentioned half-German Lewis Hamilton, who remember enjoying under his belt with three titles of world champion of Formula 1, we would have asked them to Block your the Hoonicorn was for sale and even Block you would have put a price on his mount… a price that would have made everything disappear interest on the part of Hamilton.

who would not like to have a Hoonicorn in your garage?

Recall that after the monstrous picture of the Hoonicorn is hidden a Ford Mustang 1965 enlarged, very enlarged, with nunos spectacular wheel arches, with huge added aerodynamic… for a picture after the one that hides neither more nor less than 845 horses squeezed a V8, a power that, curiously, is delivered to all four wheels thanks to a new system awd.