Are waiting for the new Mercedes-AMG E63 2017? You discover new details

Mercedes-AMG E63 2017 - foto espía

The new wheels that fit this unit evidence left to the view of the calipers.

Just a month after cazáramos the expected Mercedes-AMG E63 2017, our photographers have managed to take the glove to the other unit tests. And with these spy pictures we reveal new details of the highly anticipated release of sporting character and high performance very soon come to the range of the E-Class of Mercedes-Benz. The versions of the hand of Mercedes-AMG are the last that are missing to reach the range of the model.

In particular, we have managed to take a look with all luxury of details to the new wheels that mounts the Mercedes-AMG E63 2017 as well as the interior. And although the exterior still features the same camouflage as we have seen in the units photographed before, we know the elements that you will find scattered throughout the body.

In comparison with the E-Class, conventional, the new Mercedes-AMG E63 will have a few new bumper with a few air inlets of larger size, a exhaust system with four outputs as well as some alloy wheels of larger size also leave the sight of the new brake system for greater performance with the power to stop this saloon soul sports.

Mercedes-AMG E63 2017 - foto espía

I discovered a large part of the interior of the Mercedes-AMG E63 2017.

¿What will be under your hood? We find the central core of the high performance versions of Mercedes-AMG. We speak of a engine V8 BiTurbo 4.0-liter whose power will be about 600 HP. In addition, your tachometer, we can see the figure of 330 km/h of maximum speed. The chassis and suspension will also have a setting specific to adapt to this increase in benefits.

In regards to this new picture of the interior, while it is not the first time that we have been able to take a look at the cabin of the expected Mercedes-AMG E63 2017, allows us to observe with great detail the different areas of the interior of this high-performance variant. Unfortunately, the test drivers were ahead of our photographers and have covered the elements that will present changes regarding the Mercedes Class E.

And it is that, just focus on the photo spy of the interior to realize that they have covered the steering wheel and part of the box instrumentation. Yes, in the spy photos of the Mercedes-AMG E63 2017 that we published almost a month ago, we could already see the mentioned box instrumentation fully revealed. In any case, the news we provide in the interior of this variant of Mercedes-AMG will continue the pattern of recent launches of the brand of the star.

Mercedes-AMG E63 2017 - foto espía

We throw the gauntlet to the new Mercedes-AMG E63 2017 during a testing session.

¿When it will come to the market? there Is talk of a possible implementation over to one of the auto shows that will take place at the end of this year 2016, although it is not ruled out that in Mercedes to wait for the beginning of 2017, to be introduced in society. Incidentally, it is also important to note that the Mercedes-AMG E63 Estate 2017 is also being developed.