Are we talking already of the next Volkswagen Golf GTI?

it Seems early to talk about the next Volkswagen Golf and what is more even if we do have to talk about the next Volkswagen Golf GTI, and even of your respective variant Clubsport, but yes, they are already here the first clues about the next generation of the Volkswagen Golf GTI, when do we see?what power will it have?

Currently, the Volkswagen Golf GTI has a starting price of spanning 32,400 euros with 220 horses

Auto Express is responsible for to talk about the first rumors of this future generation of the Volkswagen Golf GTI in the next Golf GTI, according to mint, the above-mentioned half-british, will arrive in 2019.

in Front of the 220 horses of the current Volkswagen Golf GTI we will find a Volkswagen Golf GTI MK8 that will 260 horses. The Performance version in addition to propose to us an increase in power higher than that in the current generation, taking the GTI up to the 300 horses, territory currently reserved for the Volkswagen Golf R.

Auto Express goes even a step further and speaks to us as a Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport that would come about 325 horses, and even a Volkswagen Golf R that is endowed with 420 horses to 4-wheel as well as a Volkswagen Golf GTE with a hybrid power 400 horses.

Evocative dimensions of power which is coming up in the next generation of the Volkswagen Golf. Before, Volkswagen could have reserved a surprise for the current generation in the form of Volkswagen Golf R400.