Are you a #Dieselgate case affected? This interests you, Volkswagen will attend by phone

About 700,000 cars in Spain have under the hood with the diesel engine EA189 Euro5 and therefore emit more nitrogen oxide than during the test cycle, how do you know if you’re one of those affected? We have already published a list of the models that used this mechanic, but the group Volkswagen I wanted to make it easier and enabled An telephone consultation that you should say directly to the brand what happens to your car and also each of the affected brands, SEAT , Volkswagen, Skoda and Audi , will be made personal contact with customers.

The freephone is 900 180 361 . In addition to the chassis number so you can check on the websites of SEAT , Skoda, Volkswagen and Audi.

The free phone enabled by the Volkswagen group to serve customers on the status of their cars is 900 180 361 , but also enabled firms an online group space in its different websites to see if your car is affected or not entering the chassis number.

Since Volkswagen Spain noted that the group would take over all the costs of the changes to be carried out on cars , besides reminding us that these units affected are safe and fit for circulation .

In Spain SEAT and Volkswagen are the most affected

Of the 683,626 cars were affected Volkswagen and SEAT are, as expected, most of which are carried with 257,479 and 221,783 units respectively. They are followed by Audi with 147,095 units. We can not forget that some commercial vehicles are also part of this total cars affected.

Recall that the protagonists of this scandal are the engines 2.0 TDI and 1.6 TDI with family code EA189 before the law Euro6 acquired between 2009 and September 2015. In total there 38 models of the four firms that have such mechanics.

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