Are you a real petrolhead? We will put you to the test: demonstrate your knowledge and compete with other readers of motor

Guys, today touches pop quiz. But it is not a test of physics or chemistry, is a test in which you will be able to demonstrate what petrolhead, geek of the cars that you are. And how proud you are to know as much about cars. Now well, you’re not going to be easy. We have prepared 10 questions in an interactive test that you can do if you continue reading this article. Be warned: there are questions and trap questions that will limit your knowledge. Are you able to pass this test on cars?

Notice to boaters: no I’ve made it easy. But in the end, the “chops” are in the content published in motor.

We love cars, and every day we dedicate ourselves to talk about them. Today we wanted to do something different, and ask yourself this little game. Your score is anonymous, and you can check it at the end of the test, with notes of between 0% and 100%, arranged in intervals of 10%. Also you can check the number of people who have obtained scores similar to yours. Are you in the pantheon of the elect? we Believe that if you take out more than one remarkable, can you say proud that you are a real burning cars.

Tell us what note you get, and if you have passed our examination. If you haven’t approved, we have for you chances of recovering this subject. Read our extensive agenda on sports japanese of the 90’s, or our monograph on the BMW M3 the most special of the story. If you have the time, desire and money, a pilgrimage to the Nürburgring guarantees you a approved for life and a direct ascent to the heaven of the petrolhead. You decide. We hope you have enjoyed this test.

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