Are you an engineer? Volvo you’re looking for: new hybrid and electric models, Uber and driving autonomous…

Volvo currently lives a sweet stage, with a range in the middle of the process of renewal, with new flagships, with the Volvo V90, the Volvo S90 and the Volvo XC90 and incessant rumors that will not stop set the calendar the arrival of new versions. The fruit of this new stage and thinking clearly in the following steps to give Volvo now announces the recruitment of around 400 engineers.

Driving and autonomous electrification: these are the fields that will address the new engineers hired

These, approximately 400 engineers (the Swedish firm has not given an exact figure) will be introduced in the next 12 months, will be allocated in the R & d facilities of Gothenburg, in Sweden and carried out, mainly, software development tasks.

How is it reflected in the streets, in the new products, this new wave of engineers? Volvo go on all the effort of these new workers to stimulate progress in the field of driving autonomous, active safety and electrification.

More (and better) hybrid versions, projects, driving autonomously, in London and China, the alliance with Uber for the progress in driving autonomous…

Since then doesn’t paint anything wrong with this new stage for the Swedish firm. Has created products with a substantial burden of technology, with designs loaded with personality, competitive… now it remains to be seen how it evolves the brand beyond the newly released “Series 90”.