Are you going to buy a Tesla? You can still have unlimited access to the supercharger

Tesla Supercharger

Tesla gives a time limit of two weeks for new buyers of a Model S or Model X to have unlimited access to their network of superchargers.

During the past month of November of 2016 Tesla Motors made a controversial announcement about an important change in his program of use of its network of superchargers (supercargadores). In particular, the well-known company of electric cars announced that the new customers who purchase a Model S or a Model X will not have access to unlimited and free to this network of points of super-fast charging.

however, with the new year, Tesla Motors gives us a good news, announcing a period of extra time of two weeks so that those customers who were thinking of buying one of the two vehicles mentioned above yes have the obvious advantage of use. More specifically, Tesla gives term until the next January 15. And it is not the same to use unlimited and free net supercargadores Tesla that have a small bonus of use or pay for it.

The change that will enforce the company led by Elon Musk in just a few days is to offer your new customers a bonus of up to 400 kWh that can be used throughout a year free of charge. Once consumed this bonus, that will obtain a range of a little more than 1,600 miles, we will have to pay a small usage fee.

Tesla Model S

you Still have two weeks to buy a Tesla Model S and be able to use the network of supercargadores unlimited and free.

By the time the company has not provided details about what amount we would pay when the voucher is consumed. However, Tesla already made it clear that prices could “fluctuate” over time and vary depending on the country in which we find ourselves and the cost of own electricity.

network of superchargers Tesla is in full growth in Spain. Currently we have six charging stations are operational and others under construction which will soon be available for your use. And even though compared to our neighbors to the north (France), the amount of supercargadores is tiny, is a factor to be taken into account already during this year 2017 things will change a lot.

In short, it is a great incentive to buy a Tesla Model S or a Tesla Model X knowing that, at any time, you can make use of this network of charging points, ultra-fast unlimited and completely free of charge. On the other hand, as a holder before the end of this article, it is important to note that the next launch of the brand, the Tesla Model 3, will not offer this option, so that all who are booking the new model must pay in the future by using the supercargadores.