Are you missing a BMW M7? Alpina will have 600 hp comfort

Unfortunately, once again, hypothetical BMW M7 has all of them not to become reality . But that this decision not be put off, because we know that great evils, great remedies. Alpina is our salvation, specialized in creations coach BMW already been caught testing with the new BMW Series 7 what which is sure sign that Alpina specialists already working against the clock to reach the Frankfurt Motor Show with more performance specification BMW 7 Series Alpina B7 is coming!

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According to recent rumors, the possibility of seeing a BMW M7 in this generation is higher than ever and everything points to 2016 as the year of submission . Still, these rumors accompanied the 7 Series for many years and never have become reality. With the introduction of the Alpina B7, the specialist managed to comfort a select club of lovers of the great German sedan that needed a worthy rival to the Audi S8 and Mercedes Class S AMG .

With this new generation of Alpina B7 will seek to make a qualitative leap is performance thanks to the significant improvements made by BMW in both weight reduction. The heart of the B7 will not be a mechanical V12 , but the engine will use 4.4 V8 Twin-Turbo squeezed to reach 600 CV . Accompanying the set of installed several cosmetic changes, such as the classic signature wheels, plus a specific tuning will affect brakes, suspension and powertrain.

Alpina-BMW_B7_110715-00 Maybe we have missed one BMW M7 , but with the Alpina B7 that gap has always been very well covered.

The images shown are for the BMW 7 Series 2016 M package

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