Are you ready to see driverless cars? Spain approves the circulation of autonomous cars


from as Spanish roads can be used as fields of practice for autonomous cars

it is hard to believe that just over 100 years, humanity took its first steps in this car. A century that has flown by, where such has been the advance technical and technological what, years ago was regarded as impossible today is not only is real, but also viable.

Since we do not it is nothing strange to contemplate to large screens in our cars, or assistance systems, cameras, radars, sensors,… A myriad of devices that 20 years ago didn’t even exist. These have been implementing their use to be vital in the future. A future that is marked by the driving autonomous.

Although the development of this technology is extremely difficult, more difficult is its application in the real world. It is difficult to find countries where the legislation allows for the free movement of autonomous vehicles. Many are nestled in old laws that stand in the way, but not Spain has just approved a decree by which these cars will have permission from circulation, just like any other car.

So it is time to leave mentally preparing for that at any time we can, or we can move on to a car without a driver. It is something that we should not be scare in the future, since insurance that many brands come to our country to test their driving systems autonomous, just as they do now with the cars testing and development.

As we say not many countries allow something like that. It is logical that in a world ever more congested and the introduction of cars autopilotados is difficult to assume, but is the best testing scenario for this type of vehicles, and therefore the step taken by Spain is so important.

today almost all manufacturers are immersed in numerous projects of R & D to develop such technology. Each day surprises us a new feat of a car without driver, and there is nothing futuristic to think that in a few years these will take control of the roads, although by the time the human being, with all their defects, will have the power.


The automation strategy will collide head-on with conventional cars, handled by the human

Brands such as Tesla, Volvo, Audi, Mercedes or BMW, among many others, including the giant Google, are found at various points in the development of driving autonomously. This is not to say that these cars are completely autonomous, but that if have the ability to take much of the control of the driving, although under the supervision of a human.

What has been said, let’s get ready to watch empty cars. Is the future, is the present.