Are you sitting? The BMW i8 Spyder will be a reality sooner than you imagine

Not what we say, said nothing more, and nothing less that Harald Kr├╝ger, CEO of BMW, in an interview to a German newspaper. The same has been confirmed by the entry into production of the BMW i8 Spyder, and will be presented in a formal way relatively soon, probably over the next year.


The i8 Concept Spyder was introduced in 2012, two years before the entry in production of the coupe

BMW had already played with the idea of doing an i8 convertible. It was the year 2012 when it emerged the prototype of the i8 Spyder. At that time many voices were raised to their immediate production, but the German brand wanted to take it easy and wait for the business response of the i8 coupe.

according To that show the numbers, the BMW i8 is selling very well, better than expected in fact, the next natural step is to remove the version Spyder. Yes, without losing an iota of its design and technology, the real weapons of the hybrid sportier BMW. The modifications will be in a loss of the rear seats, which will leave space for the folding mechanism of the roof.

All of this if we bear in mind that the final product will look similar to the prototype, because at that time it resembled both the BMW i8 final would not expect anything else, although you can always change the plans, or verify that a solution is futuristic and has no place in the real world. But we trust in the BMW and they do a good job.

in Which there are expected changes, or should have, is the section mechanic. The bet would still be a engine tricilindrico of 1.5 litres associated with an electric motor that both together are able to give off a power of 362 HP, in addition to filing a consumption ridiculous and achieve a performance of heart attack.


let’s Hope that the final product is equal to that of the prototype

The truth is that there will be a long wait to see the final product. Although not at the moment have seen pictures of test models, BMW wants to, at least present, throughout the year 2016. Another issue would be the entry in the trade cycle, something that would not happen until the 2017.