Are you sure that there will not be an SUV sports on the part of Renault?

Renault Captur Hypnoticis Not the first time that we talked about the SUV sports. Those “foreign” vehicles, although they are not provided with the body, and behaviours appropriate for a high level of sportsmanship, can become funny cars. Greater weight, center of gravity higher, the greater the resistance to the air…, in theory, are the characteristics that do not play very much in favor when looking for good sportsmanship; however, the engineers of the brands are able to minimize all these penalties.

The best case is the Nissan Juke Nismo. Taking the base of the small crossover have been able to develop a sport variant that, although is not the height of a body coupe glued to the ground, is not easy to go on a twisty road. In addition, this concept born from the merger of a crossover and a high sportsmanship seems to please the public.

some weeks Ago we we told that the companions of Motoring claimed that Renault was the launch vehicle of this type. Today, however, we have a conflicting information, since the medium Auto Express claims to have spoken with Bruno Ancelin, vice president of product plans of the French brand, and this seems to have affirmed that there is nothing ruled out and you might get a SUV sporty Renault carried out in collaboration with the branch sport of high-performance, Nissan, Nismo.

nissan-juke-nismoAncelin supposedly would have declared to our colleagues that it would be possible to a collaboration between the two brands. In this way, Nissan could help Renault to the development of a Capture sporty Renault and the japanese with a Micra Nismo, as the French have the Renault Clio Sport. It seems that this high office has made it clear that the SUV world can be a good medium-term bet, and that is that, in addition to citing the Nissan Juke Nismo, it also speaks to the great work done with Porsche in SUV Macan.

we’ll See if Renault finally decides to jump into the pool with a SUV or sports if they abandon the ideas that can be lurking over the heads of those most responsible for the brand.

Source – Auto Express