Are you the definitive Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo?

First image of the Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo

The waiting has come to an end. Or at least that is what it seems. We have been filtering an image worthy of trust our credibility with the new Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo as the protagonist. In other words, the highly anticipated variant Shooting Brake of the Panamera.

How I said above, this image can not say that it is absolutely reliable, but taking as guides the photos spies that we have already seen, that would be an image extremely close to that would be the final model in a few days we will be able to see you live in the Geneva motor show 2017.

Analyzing the image, and taking as guides the photos spies of the model, we do not see any major surprises. We have a Panamera “by using” up the line from the B-pillar, where, in the classical variant of the Panamera, starts the fall of the ceiling down to a more aesthetically coupe, in this new model the roof is elongated to accommodate this variant that is expected of a leap in terms of habitability interior is concerned, and can accommodate up to 5 passengers and extending the cargo space of the trunk (495 litres in the current version).

we See how the filtered image and this photo spy is a perfect match, giving credibility to the image

In regards to the engines, no changes are expected with regard to the model coupé, staying with the following range:

  • Panamera 4S – 2.9 V6 440CV propellant gas
  • Panamera 4S – 4.0 V8 422CV propellant Diesel
  • Panamera Turbo – 4.0 V8 550CV

In the filtered image we can see that this is the same Turbo. Be that as it may, in a few days we will leave doubts, or even before if you filter an image prior to its debut in the Geneva motor show. Even if we ignore the picture, we can see that your initial price for this French magazine is situated in the 97.000€. In our country the Panamera coupe “basic” puts its price in 126.085 €. it Is hoped that this Sport Tourism reaches a different price, which we can see in the filtration, but serves us to be able to imagine that price range you can reach this family.

A lateral line extended with respect to the model of the coupé to accommodate a greater habitability

Without a doubt we are facing one of the models that more concern has been caused for months. A model that does not leave anyone indifferent and if it is definitely the car that we can see in this filtration, we are faced with one of the cars most beautiful in the market.