Are you the facelift of Alfa Romeo Mi.To?

The Alfa Romeo Mi.To be renewed at the Frankfurt Motor Show. But it seems that this is not a new generation, even though the car has been selling since 2008. No, Alfa Romeo will present a face wash very light to the car that makes up a third of its current range. And light, I will refer to the images. After the jump you have some current pictures of the front and rear so that you may be careful to observe the differences. A spoiler: there is little difference . Even a trained eye like ours suffers.

Observe the front of Alfa Romeo Mi.To . They have only been able to capture some of biscione Alfa Romeo, but it seems that now has a fund type of bee nest. The grid is also chrome bumper. We do not know if the lights have changed, although not expect much more than a daytime LEDs.

This is the current appearance of the front of the Alfa Romeo Mi.To.

Alfa_Romeo_Mito_Junior_2015_DM_1 At the rear the changes are more subtle. The optics do not change – but appear full-LED – and the bumper has been redesigned slightly. I think in fact they have recharged. It was much easier release of grid, and integrate more comfortably escape.

alfa-romeo-mito-lavado-cara-1 This is the current appearance of the rear of Mi.To.

Alfa_Romeo_Mito_Junior_2015_DM_8 hope in Frankfurt also present fairly uneventful Euro6 its range of engines.

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