Are you the new Aston Martin DB11?

These two images show us the new Aston Martin DB11. Filtered by the lords of AutoJunk, would be two leaks official, that show the car from Gaydon will be displayed at the Geneva motor show. Although we must always take these leaks with a pinch of skepticism, which we see corresponds with the spy photos published in different media. We can then certify the design evolutionary coupe british, which hides lots of surprises under the wrapping so sexy that presents to us.

The biggest surprise is under the hood: Aston Martin abandons the V12 maximum power generated by a new V12 5,2 litres and two turbos.

In the front we have a optical inspired by the Aston Martin DB10 – the same that James Bond drove in Spectre – and a calender that evolves with respect to the classical design without neglecting the tradition. Curious detail of the step wheel in the front, with a grille decorative that reaches to the very edge of the wheel arch. The aesthetic effect is as a little curious, but I think we acostumbraremos. The game aesthetic of the bumper is also new, with a bottom section that gets to be too discreet.

aston-martin-db11-1In the behind we can only speak well, with some beautiful LED optical systems of the most elegant. As you well know, it is abandoned engine 6.0 V12 maximum power in pos a new 5.2 V12 twin-turbo, with a power estimated at about 600 HP by the time. At the level of electronics, the partnership with Mercedes-Benz will allow Aston Martin to get to the TWENTY-first Century in terms of systems of infotainment and instrumentation: there is talk that the DB11 will have a digital instrumentation in the style of the Mercedes s Class.

Soon we will leave doubts.

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