Are you the new McLaren 688HS, the cousin radical of the McLaren 675LT?

Autogespot published just a few hours which we believe are the first leaked images of the McLaren 688HS. It is a new model of the range McLaren, based at the McLaren 675LT. What is the McLaren 688HS? Is the McLaren the more sporty of the Sport Series, the family in the living 570GT or 650S, without going any further. The McLaren 675LT is already one of the most radical of Woking, but this 688HS would be on the paper even more powerful and even more lightweight, with a clear emphasis on the aerodynamic performance of the car.

It is rumored that they will produce only 25 units of this spectacular supercar lightened.

Is it real filtration? I don’t know. On the one hand, it shows aggressive aerodynamics ever seen on the McLaren 675LT: uses a giant rear spoiler and fixed in the front are several lips and splitters are not present in the Long Tail. The rear diffuser also seems to be redesigned. In the upper part of the image appear to the acronym MSO – the special operations division of McLaren – and HS, that would mean “High Sport”. However, an inspection of the skirt on the left side of the car shows the acronyms 675LT.

mclaren-688hs-filtradoOr that they see my eyes. If I am wrong, please decídmelo. On paper, a McLaren 688HS would have a power of 13 HP higher than the 675LT, in addition to a diet of thinning of a staggering 40 kilos with respect to the same – would weigh only 1.190 kg Then what we have before us? I think that a special edition of the 675LT, with a name yet unknown and signed by McLaren Special Operations. On its power and technical specifications is nothing we can say at the moment, but everything seems to indicate that it will be a machine very special.