Are you the new SUV coupe Mazda? Do you call yourself a CX-4 or CX-6?

at the iaa In Frankfurt, the japanese manufacturer Mazda presented us with his new Koeru Concept. This is a SUV-looking coupe that would know that would soon occur. The middle of chinese origin Popsuv just surprise us with a filtration of this new SUV coupe without a drop of camouflage, in its production version. Clearly, it can be seen that this vehicle is based on the CX-5, but we ignore how it will be finally called. What CX-4 and CX-6? Personally, I would bet by CX-4, leaving space for a possible CX-2-based CX-3.

But first, let’s review together what can be deduced from the images. The car would have been spied in a production centre in Mazda, and we reveal a unit of production of a basic finishing. The SUV that Mazda displayed at the press – possibly at the Geneva motor show – will take large tires, and will have a color more alive, possibly the cherry-red that the Hiroshima commonly used in communication. Until the B-pillar, difference with the Mazda CX-5 on which it is based are almost non-existent.

mazda-koeru-2016-05From there back, the SUV seems to transform into a version crossover Mazda 3. As they are: the fall of the roof and the shape of the optical tail is very similar to that of the compact, to support family ties. The end result can not be seen all that well, but I predict much success for this car. The BMW X4 – whose philosophy is similar, although openly premium – has been a hit commercial for part of the bavarians, especially if we take into account that it is a niche vehicle.

Where it will position the Mazda CX-4/6?

Your drop ceiling reminds us of the Mazda 3, and also to compact soul crossover as the Citroën DS4 or Infiniti Q30.

A complicated question to answer at the moment. What is certain is that we don’t yet know its final size, but we will assume some external dimensions of about 4,60 meters, in line with the Mazda CX-5. Maybe it’s a little more wide, and it is decidedly more low. Today, only the BMW X4 would be a competitor in a niche market in which no manufacturer generalist has opted for this type of body. Mercedes will soon be a Coupe version of its GLC, and Audi could do the same with a Q4, later.

mazda-koeru-2016-11In the mass market, this Mazda could enjoy a considerable success thanks to a spectacular appearance. Will have to see if the launch of the new engine 2.5 Turbo SKYACTIV-G versions of top of the range and also will have to see if the loses practicality with respect to the CX-5. We know that your visibility will be lower, we do not have any doubt. We will leave doubts in just a few weeks ago, when Mazda we present in the almost imminent Geneva motor show. do We like what we see for the future of Mazda?

Source: Jalopnik
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