Argentina: Began marketing the new generation MINI Cooper



M INI went on sale in Argentina to third generation MINI Cooper BMW, which is known to the identification F56 . It is a model that debuted in 2013 in the main international markets and a few days ago is now available in the local market.

After the new Excise prepared by the Argentine government a year ago, prices of products premium soared to unthinkable values. In this group the range of MINI, which in 2014 reached double in value and lost sales ranks accordingly.

Although it also offers an unprecedented five-door configuration in this new generation, the smallest of the MINI his body somewhat extended and improved habitability , at this early stage will be offered in Argentina only with traditional 3-door body. At the same time, the Argentina subsidiary will continue to market a while to model previous generation known as R56 because they still have remaining units within its inventory.


The full range of MINI Cooper now uses turbo engines.

Among the novelties MINI F56 are taking a platform shared with the new front-drive BMW , with whom also buy propellers for this generation are all turbocharged and an unprecedented for the model includes a version with 3-cylinder block .

Meanwhile variant more sports Cooper S definitely resigned to celebrate engine THP 1.6-liter jointly developed with PSA, to accommodate a new engine turbo 2.0-liter almost 200 hp .

Despite being criticized by fans of the brand, not only for its larger body but also by the front overhang that a lot of centimeters extended, the new MINI Cooper 2014 car is technologically far superior to the previous generation model, maintaining the style that is present from the first generation of the BMW was launched with the start of the millennium.

Aesthetically is recognized immediately by observing the front, as well as its lateral and posterior. However his body was extended in 98 mm , and is now 44 mm wider, and 7 higher, with 51 additional liters cargo space, which now totals the 211 liters. is the MINI Cooper largest in history , but also the most comfortable.

MINI-Cooper-F56-2014-4 The new engines MINI TwinPower Turbo are associated with a direct injection system, variable control of the double overhead camshaft and VANOS variable valve control.

In the variant of three cylinders and 1.5 liters, which is what gives life to Cooper, the engine delivers an output of 136 hp with 230 Nm of torque and accelerates from 0-100 km / h in 7.3 seconds, while the 4-cylinder unit that uses the Cooper S has a performance 192 horsepower with 280 Nm of torque, which reaches 300 Nm when the overboost mode is activated, allowing you to accelerate from 0-100 km / h in just 6.4 seconds

In both cases they are associated with a manual six-speed manual transmission or an automatic with the same number of relationships.

The real revolution F56 MINI occurred in the compartment, which amended one of its most classic aspects and incorporated new technologies. The speedometer located in central position has disappeared and instead the system infotainment stood, something that had already happened in practice in the previous model, the units had integrated browser in Speedometer school was just a thin ring surrounding the multimedia equipment.

MINI-Cooper-F56-2 Now that change affects all versions, because the speedometer was moved to a new location behind the wheel , the same location as before had the tachometer and is now attached right on the left. It also has a system head-up display and new materials more refined and soft to the touch, something that helped increase their sense of quality and luxury.

Now the MINI Cooper is available with alloy wheels 17-inch lie that MINI Cooper S comes with alloy wheels 18 inches , in an evolution of classic design Crown Spoke identifying the model since its first generation.

The MINI Cooper , like other imported models similar price is strongly affected by the Argentine tax, which means that your selling price reaches double the dollar value from its previous generation. The Prices start at $ 65,000 to the more accessible Cooper 3-cylinder engine and manual transmission.

Price range

MINI Cooper Pepper U $ D 65,000
MINI Cooper S Chili U $ D 75,500



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