Argentina: Honda calls for revision to the Accord, Civic, CR-V and Fit from 2001 to 2014 for defective airbags Takata


airbags Takata already affect many of the products sold by Honda Argenina between 2001 and 2014 . Airbag inflators may have been assembled using a inadequate gas and could expand spread fragments within the passenger compartment.


Honda-CR-V-2001 C on an appeal to review only in the United States and affects more than 34 million vehicles many brands, defective airbags supplier Takata already has affected many units in the Argentine market.

In this context Honda Argentina announced a huge called to review much of the products in its range, the units sold over the last 13 years. Among them are Accord, Civic Sedan, Civic Coupe, CR-V, Fit, Pilot and Stream traded between 2001-2014 .

Takata airbags and affect hundreds of Honda products.

The call for revision is to inspect module front airbags and make its replacement if necessary. The company has released a list of the affected units, although it will be necessary to contact the official service to make sure the product is eligible.

According to data supplied by Takata, airbag inflators driver or passenger could have been assembled using inadequate gas due to poor storage in the Takata plant in Mexico, which exposed them absorb moisture .

This could cause the inflator container vessel breaks upon impact, with the resulting fire hazard or small pieces of it spread around the cabin . They also ensure that the use of defective vehicles in high humidity areas would enhance even more the problem.

Takata is a manufacturer that also produces airbag seatbelts, steering wheels and other components and is one of the three leading suppliers worldwide airbags .

Affected Units

Llamada a revisión  Accord, Civic, CR-V , Fit, Pilot, Stream  | Argentina | Airbags defectuosos Takata





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