Argentina: Marchionne announced the investment of 500 million dollars to produce the substitute of the Line

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles announced a major investment to produce in Argentina a new sedan B-segment that will replace the current Line. In addition, the successor of the Point will be made in Brazil


Sergio Marchionne visited the plant argentina that Fiat owns in the village of Ferreyra, to announce a investment of 500 million dollars that is intended to the adequacy of the facilities to produce a the vehicle of the segment B that will be marketed all over the world.

it is Still early to know specific details about this new product, although it is known that it is a saloon that replace the Line, you will also have a variant of five doors that will be produced in Brazil and that will hit the market to replace the current Point. For the moment, as always happens with new products Fiat, are known with the appellation internal Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has assigned to them, Project X6S for the sedan and Project X6H for the hatchback.

Both models will be placed below the new Fiat Type, as an alternative for those customers that do not require a product of the segment C. In aesthetic terms we think might have some influence of the new Type, although its architecture will not be the same, which will be based on the platform that is used by the current Fiat Palio brazilian, but with a distance between the major axes and conveniently adapted to be able to comply not only with LatinNCAP, but also with the more demanding EuroNCAP.

Your offer mechanical for South america will be articulated on the basis of an engine Global Small Engine (GSE) with a block of 1.3 liters and 69 HP and a E. torQ 1.8 liter with 128 hp, in combination with a manual change of five gears or an automatic six relations, the same that is used by the Jeep Renegade. However, for Europe there will be necessarily versions diesel, possibly Multijet II and would not have not ruled out any of the TwinAir.