Argentina: The Chevrolet Onix Effect was released commercially


As happened at the time with Agile and Sonic the Chevrolet Onix also added a special Effect series, which is already offered in the Argentine market. He added some cosmetic changes, but retained the 1.4 engine 98cv.


Chevrolet-Onix-Effect F ue one of the innovations that General Motors took the last Motor Show in Buenos Aires and after his arrival in Brazil, now has It provides in the Argentine market. This is the Chevrolet Onix Effect, a special series of hatchback manufactured in Brazil, which incorporates a number of external elements that try give you a sportier appearance .

Among the aesthetic improvements are a number of adhesives that combine gray and red located to the side, on the hood and tailgate, along with a specific format grill, headlamps with darkened mask and painted ceiling black color, in combination with their new alloy wheels 15 inches that are painted in gray. It also has an aerodynamic package combines a rear spoiler with side skirts and rear diffuser lucky.

Chevrolet Onix Effect

The Effect series added a new member with the arrival of Onix.

The body is only available in the colors Summit White or Pepper Red , while ceiling mirrors, grille, spoiler and B-pillars, are painted in black colored bright . In the interior also offers some new features, since the multifunction steering wheel is new and has its flat base, the instrument panel is specific design and special graphics features, plus several red accents, that can be found on the steering wheel, shift lever, ventilation outlets and the seams of the upholstery.

Regarding the standard equipment, the Onix Effect is based on the finish LTZ , by which incorporates ABS brakes, dual front airbags, infotainment MyLink with 7-inch screen, air conditioning and electrical package that includes centralized, raises crystals and mirrors, among other end.

Mechanically is unchanged, as it is offered with the same engine of 1.4 liters , which produces 98 horsepower at 6,000 rpm, which is changed with a box 5-speed manual. After its launch, the new Chevrolet Onix Effect ranked as the most equipped and expensive range. Its price rises in almost 27,000 pesos regarding LTZ finished with manual gearbox, while its security as in the rest of the range is three years or a hundred thousand kilometers.

Price range

Chevrolet Onix LT Manual $ 183,400
LTZ Chevrolet Onix Manual $ 195,000
LTZ Auto Chevrolet Onix $ 205,200
Chevrolet Onix Effect Manual $ 221,800




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