Argentina: The Ford Focus was the most sold during the month of March


The Ford Focus started in March as the vehicle best seller of Argentina , with 2,080 units sold. Total sales increased 12.39% for the month of February.


Ford-Focus-SE E l March was no exception for the sale of new cars in the Argentina consolidates in the third month of year a significant drop , a significant annual decline at the time and equals 28.2%.

On March found the market with an increase of 12.39% from the previous month, while over the same month last year amounted to fall 6.65%. The top ten cars more marketed in Argentina had some variations during the month of March, because in the first place stood the Ford Focus, while Volkswagen Gol last month had been the most sold, fell through fifth .

The Ford Focus sold 2,080 units , while the second started the Fiat Palio, with 1,763 units . The third place was for the Ford Fiesta, which achieved market 1,659 units total, whereas with EcoSport in fourth place, Ford builds three models among the 10 Bestsellers month .

During the month of March 2015 a total of 48,236 vehicles were sold in Argentina.

Sales Ranking in March 2015

1 Ford Focus 2,080
2 Fiat Palio 1,763
3 Ford Fiesta 1,659
4 Ford EcoSport 1,658
May Volkswagen Gol 1,641
Renault Clio 6 Mio 1,636
7 Chevrolet Classic 1,582
8 Volkswagen Suran 1,381
9 Toyota Etios 1,336
10 Toyota Corolla 1,319





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