Argentina: The Toyota Yaris will arrive in the second half of 2016

Toyota confirmed the arrival of the five-door hatchback to the argentine market. This is the Yaris version produced in Thailand, that will come only with bodywork of five doors.

Toyota-Yaris-03Feu one of the new Toyota led to the past Car show in Buenos Aires. This is the Yaris thai, a hatchback of the B-Segment, that during the second half of next year will arrive in the argentine market to be placed between the Etios and Corolla.

unlike the Yaris offered in Europe and north America, the version that will arrive to Argentina will be asian market, which is based on the same platform used by the Etios, with which it shares the same wheelbase, but with a length somewhat longer. However it is a product more sophisticated, both on an aesthetic level as equipment, that will allow the japanese brand to have an intermediate option to offer between the Etios and the Corolla.

Toyota-Yaris-2Its outward appearance is presented with a visual more modern that the Etios, which even saves some similarities with the current Corolla, but without the degree of sophistication present in the european model. where the differences are most notable with respect to the Etios is in the interior, with a higher quality and instrumentation location conventional behind the steering wheel.

Which will be the supply of mechanics to Argentina is still a mystery. The Yaris asian uses the same motor block 1.5 litres that is offered in the Etios, but with a system of opening of the variable valve MOREOVER, and a power 107 horses of force at 6000 rpm with 141 Nm of torque.

while the Yaris, like the Etios will be located within the B-segment, unlike the previous one will not compete against the access models within the segment, but you do so against the most sophisticated, with the Ford Fiesta as the main goal. That can give us an idea of what could be its price.