Argentina: The Xcent and Grand Hyundai i10 will be sold from August


Hyundai-Grand-i10 A a year of its regional launch took place in Chile last year, Hyundai announced the arrival of the Grand Argentine market i10 sedan and its variant which in many markets is known as Xcent. This is a variant of the i10, modified according to improve the livability while the Xcent adds additional volume, to give life to a small sedan.

With its extended platform, the Grand i10 offers greater liveability.

The Grand i10 was one of the attractions of Frankfurt 2013 and is already sold in India, where it is manufactured, and some South American countries.

The Hyundai Grand i10 has been development in Germany in the design center that the brand has mounted there. Despite its aesthetic suggests that the deviations are few smaller model, the designers have changed dramatically.

The BA platform also gives life to the European i10 has been extended by 100 millimeters . But also it increased by 70 mm wheelbase, as well as its width, which together allowed considerably improve their habitability . Thus the available space for the legs of the occupants of the rear seats is improved.


His body measures 3.76 meters long , 1.66 wide, 1.52 high, with a wheelbase is located at 2.425 meters. The load capacity is turn 256 liters , which can be expanded to reach 1202 liters by folding down the rear seat backrest.

Xcent sedan, which will be marketed as Argentina Grand i10 Sedan , it fits in India rules requiring a shorter length to 4.00 meters under to achieve certain tax benefits. That is why the Xcent measures 3.99 meters long, with a width of 1.66 meters and 1.52 meters high , and a wheelbase that is located in the 2.42 meters, which ensures good habitability, which is a sufficient space to accommodate four adults and one load capacity of 407 liters .

Under the hood in the hands cases offer with VVT engine block 1.2-liter 16v and 87 horsepower , which will be associated with a manual five-speed transmission or an automatic as an option.

Hyundai Argentina still did not advance what their equipment, but in India both models are offered with items such as ABS, multiple airbags, electrical package that offers keyless entry, push-button start and automatic climate control.

Hyundai-Grand-i10-3 can also provide backup camera, sunroof, parking sensors, stereo with CD, MP3, USB inputs and Bluetooth link, multifunction steering wheel and exits the air conditioner in the rear seats, alloy wheels and lights LED daytime running lights, among others.

In theory the Grand i10, both versions [1.99906 million] hatchback as a sedan, is located halfway between the A and B segment , so its price positioning should also be consistent, that is to be located in the highest part of the segment A and the lowest of B.



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