Argentina: Uber could be rehearsing his landing in Buenos Aires


service alternative taxis through the use of private cars and an application for smartphone may be preparing his arrival in the city of Buenos Aires . It was known that Uber is looking for a manager responsible for service in the city.


Uber Buenos Aires U ber is a service born under the umbrella smartphone last generation, using their Location Systems to make offer service alternative transportation taxis . Thereby allowing cars to hire individuals who participate in the service, the style of a remís, although through a specific software .

The system has worked well in some cities in the United States and the old continent, although it was no other than controversial. In some countries of the European Union such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and France the service has been banned although in Spain a few days ago the company announced it will return, but transformed into a delivery service meals on wheels , which they called UberEATS .

Both Uber as its main competitor Lyft have major drawbacks to operate in almost all countries where they have established as taxi drivers consider it to a service that creates an unfair competition. This has been supported by several governments who saw service outside the established transportation regulations.

This week, according to what you said the Argentine newspaper La Nación Uber published through LinkedIn red a job search for the position manager whose functions shall carry out the service in the city of Buenos Aires .

If it is true that in the city of Buenos Aires work for a while services that enable hail a cab from a smartphone application as is the case with Easy Taxi or SaferTaxi ago , it is also true that in both cases is no taxis and private cars.

There will closely observe the reaction of the taxi drivers in the city of Buenos Aires if the system tries to settle in the city.





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