Ariel presents the prototype Aero-P Atom with fans of ground effect


You can appreciate the lack of fixed wings and the presence of the new lower body.

Ariel has revealed the new prototype Aero-P Atom concept, a study of advanced aerodynamics on the exciting two-seater british, that you can get rid of the ailerons fixed thanks to the intelligent employment of ground effect through the use of a fan driven electrically.

Although the idea is not new, the brand itself acknowledges have been inspired by racing models from the past, this is the first time that we see a similar system implemented in a vehicle for the court’s relatively affordable. Previously, the first model that I had used fans to cause ground effect so active had been the McLaren F1, Gordon Murray, who had already employed this system with the Brabham BT-46B of Formula 1, in 1978, winner of the Swedish Grand Prix that season, and soon after banned by the federation.

According to the british brand, the system can be operated in one of two ways, manually or automatically. In the case of to do this automatically is only active on acceleration, braking or cornering. And although there are still images, moving images, from the description of the makers of the brand, once activated the system can be seen as the small roadster is crushed against the ground.


the standard version of The Atom 500, with fixed wings in front and behind.

so declared by the firm in its presentation, this prototype does not result in a serial model, however, its creation corresponds with tasks of development, which could suggest a possible hybrid versions of the Atom, as predicted by some reports published in british media.

The fans operate thanks to independent battery, so do not rely on the mechanics to be able to function. They are located under the car, where there are some flaps of rubber, the style of the F1 ground effect from the seventies and eighties.

The name Aero-P refers to his project name, Aerodynamic Efficiency Requirements & Optimisation Project, and is being developed in collaboration with the companies Delta Motorsport and TotalSim.


A sign warns not to step on the lower body.

According to Ariel, this prototype has been designed using techniques from computational fluid dynamic, or CFD, with the motive to study and improve the cooling efficiency of the engine, both for mechanical and conventional as well as for hybrid systems.

The advantages of this system compared to a wing conventional are clear, significantly increases downforce without producing drag. In a spoiler conventional resistance increases at the same time that the aerodynamic load, so that has an impact on speed and fuel consumption. This way, you get the downforce without offering more resistance.

This allows you to be able to dispense with the classics ailerons fixed, that are not to the liking of many customers, which in the case of the Atom, suppose a 15 percent of additional entrainment, by the resistance they generate.