Aristo Dynamics M2, a preparation extreme 560 HP 'Made in Spain'


The BMW M2 leads causing a buzz since its announcement. The sporty compact rear-wheel-drive becomes the smaller of the family ///M BMW but not the less fast-paced. Despite its compact dimensions boasts incredible impeller six-cylinder in-line of the brand among losm├║ltiples components that it shares with its big brother the BMW M4.

that Is why now the M2 has become the most popular among the lovers of tuning to be a vehicle more affordable than the M4, and to be characterized by an innate aggressiveness. Now the preparer Spanish Aristo Dynamics presents us with some images of the project that is being done with the sport of the signature bavarian. Spectacular images for us to advance the radical of which shall have provided the most powerful models of the 2 Series from BMW.


To highlight is the muscular kit outer, whose front respects quite the already aggressive bumper of the BMW M2 original to which you have added subtle details that add up to aggression to the set. As the openings of the air inlets in carbon, or lip in carbon installed under the bumper that improves downforce, as well as the fins flared out to create a double gills on the sides. The widening of the vehicle is noticeable especially on the rear axle.

menacing silhouette it is also achieved thanks to the flat bottom under the sills, and an aggressive behind where you have installed a spoiler style CLS carbon, a new diffuser-in carbon of three fins that retains much of the original design, splitters in carbon and the removal of the catadi├│pticos rear to create air vents functional. Nor do we forget to point out the tires HRE P200 in 19-inch.


More news we will find in its interior as ceramic brake oversized, new suspension, fully adjustable, kit of admission, adjustment of the electronic COBB and the installation of a exhaust full Akrapovic which ensures an amazing sound.

there is Still no concrete data on the numbers of power and performance Aristo Dynamics are still working on your project, but ensure to 560 HP, we can assure you that will give much to talk about in the whole world. Of series, the BMW M2 has 370 HP and 465 Nm of torque.