Armored army to auction for less than 1,500€, but are able to be used?

Who has not ever dreamed of having a tank, or an armored? In some other jam sure that you will have happened… In any case, if you are really interested in military vehicles, you have to read this news. As you can get with different commercial vehicles, including some armored BMR-600, for a price at auction that – in these moments – part below 1,500€. What is the small print of this auction? What can I get with an armored military and use it to stroll down the street?

The buyer is made with these parts, with these vehicles that belonged to the army, has to commit to its destruction.

Obviously not. The vehicles auctioned in the web of Escrapalia (dedicated to the sale of objects that can be considered scrap metal) have been discharged, and their serial numbers have been erased. The winner of the auction has to proceed with the scrapping of every vehicle, as well as the operations of disassembly, disrupt, and transportation of the material. In other words, the charge to purchase these vehicles has to commit to take care of their destruction. We talk about vehicles with no more value that they can get the materials, the metals were manufactured, such as scrap metal.

Among the lots auctioned, we find everything from BMR-600 manufactured by ENASA with engine Pegasus, up to buses Nissan, trailers and trucks URO. Tons and tons of military equipment that, unfortunately, has to be destroyed and completely achatarrado.

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