Armytrix makes your BMW 320i GT, a sporty high-flying

BMW 3 Series GT it is a peculiar version of the 3 Series BMW, but in your version 320i really has nothing special. Share your engine 2.0 turbo with a multitude of cars of the range BMW, a four-cylinder engine that develops approximately correct 184 HP and 270 Nm of maximum torque. The company manufacturer of exhaust – Armytrix – has produced a video in which they furnish a simple 320i GT with an exhaust system Valvetronic similar to that of the M3 and an enhancement in the ECU of the car. Simply, it seems to have become a supercar.

The power base of the BMW 320i GT is a 184-HP, but in the video measured with a dynamometer your power to the wheels. That is why it is lower.

The exhaust Valvetronic Armytrix can be controlled from a smartphone, and is a full line, from the exhaust manifolds to the quiet. butterfly valves and equipped in the tails of escape make the character of the exhaust varies greatly with the push of a button. Four tails escape framed in a carbon-fibre diffuser whose sound seems like a powerful sports. A sound that no one would involve a “simple” 320i. This exhaust system ensures that the car is also more powerful.

The increased power is about 15 HP, which is complete with a good chute of power thanks to an improvement in the ECU of the car, courtesy of the pack of tuning Armytron, produced by the same company. The result – taking into account that the dyno measures power to the wheels, not the ciguëñal – is that this BMW 320i GT now has 247 HP, a power similar to a 328i GT, which employs a version powered motor 2.0 turbo 320i GT. What do you think of the new character of this Series 3 GT? Comprobadlo in video.

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