Arrested for “razor kilometers”: came to stop a car with of 253 000 kilometres at 11,500 miles

Is the biggest fear of the buyer of a second hand car, that the brand new car you just bought has more miles than that contained in your marker. The problem is not trivial, nor much less. The art of shaving kilometers, that is how it is known colloquially to lowering the kilometers of a car, it is a very important problem for the market opportunity, and especially to the customer who purchases a car tampered with. To avoid this, you should always follow these 5 ways to detect if the miles of the car on the occasion that you are going to buy are real. Luckily, on this occasion, the Civil Guard has dismantled a an organization that manipulated odometer in different towns of Murcia, Alicante, Valencia, Albacete, Ciudad Real, Cuenca, Madrid and Cadiz. We have identified 120 victims, but the figure could increase depending on further research.

The scam began when one of the leaders of the plot acquired vehicles economic companies of renting of Madrid and Bilbao, which had been used as taxi, vehicle, chauffeur, or corporate vehicle, very cheap on both, most of whom had travelled many kilometres. Despite its mileage, the vehicles were in good condition for the use and by their low seniority, which facilitated the scam.

According to the Guardia Civil in the operation Scrub, which is as it has christened the intervention, have come to reduce the miles in more than 80%. And have identified cars that came down to 11,500 kilometres a car that had exceeded the of 253 000 kilometres.


The most blatant is the a tourism with of 253 000 kilometres would have seen lowered its mileage only 11.500 miles.

As you can imagine, this scam is a big issue for the client, while the reliability of a car, the duration of its components and their life expectancy is, in general, depends on those kilometers. And, of course, the market price of a car that have been lowered more than 100,000 or 200,000 kilometres, is much lower than it would have if the few 11.500 km that are listed on your marker they were real.

The scam was carried out with the support of specialists in electronics and mechanics, which were able to access the ecu to manipulate the mileage. In total could be reduced by more than 14 million miles on all vehicles that have been identified, which in numbers would amount to a profit of over 200,000 euros, according to mentions the Guardia Civil.

has been arrested several spaniards, of between 39 and 68 years, who now face a crime of fraud by the modification of illegal odometer. The Civil Guard does not rule out that there is more affected, and also more arrested, in the course of the investigation that is still underway.

Source: Guardia Civil