Arrested the first officer of Volkswagen in the united States by the “dieselgate”

Escándalo Volkswagen

The Scandal Volkswagen takes its first major arrest in the united States.

is The first of many? According to information published by the well-known average american The New York Times and gathered by the newspaper Expansion, there has been the first detection of a steering of Volkswagen in the united States because of the “dieselgate”. That is to say, the scandal related to the diesel engines TDI, souped-up (family EA189).

In particular, the means that has revealed this fact echoes from two sources, noting that the officer arrested is Oliver Schmidt, who was the manager of the department of compliance with regulations of Volkswagen in north America between 2014 and march 2015. In this way, Schmidt becomes the first arrested by the nefarious and world-renowned Scandal Volkswagen for the enhancement of diesel engines.

Only in the united States the dieselgate affects about 600,000 cars. To date, Volkswagen has admitted that its diesel engines of the family mentioned above were souped-up to be able to hide the actual emissions of oxides of nitrogen, an element that, according to the health authorities and the u.s. it is carcinogenic and causes other health problems.

Oliver Schmidt - Directivo Volkswagen

Oliver Schmidt, the ceo of Volkswagen, which, according to The New York Times, has been arrested.

Currently the company is close to getting an agreement to compensate for the estimated 85,000 owners of a vehicle from the VW Group, fitted with diesel engines of 3.0-litre souped-up in the united States. Not too long ago signed an agreement to compensate nearly 500,000 owners of vehicles with TDI engines 2.0 liters. Volkswagen should do in front of about 15,000 million dollars.

And while in Europe, how is the situation around the dieselgate? The last movements made by Volkswagen show that it is armoring its position to the EU because the last strategy that is following the German manufacturer, no one can speak technically of a device of a cheat. He asserts that as written the law, you can not apply such a definition. And ultimately should be decided by a judge. In addition, Volkswagen stresses that there is a reliable relationship between excessive emissions of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and public health problems.

on the other hand, and focusing the attention in Spain, the last important news about the scandal Volkswagen was that the German manufacturer lost his first sentence. The Court of First Instance number 12 of Valladolid has ruled in favor of the owner of a vehicle affected, and ruled that Volkswagen Valladolid Wagen and Volkswagen Audi Spain should pay compensation of 5,000 euros. However, both entities showed their intention to appeal the ruling before the Audiencia Provincial of Valladolid.