Arrivabene and Ferrari will defend their right to veto


The engines are the topic of conversation in the paddock. Toro Rosso and Red Bull are still without power unit for next season and the proposal of a reduction in the cost of the supply of propellants has not come to fruition. Ferrari exercised his right to veto to prevent this measure. While the FIA countered with the proposal of a separate motor to 2017, the Italian brand does not understand because he has to justify this decision. Maurizio Arrivabene understand that Ferrari is in its right not only to exercise this veto, but to put the price you want to your power unit.

During the press conference of the FIA this weekend at the GP of Mexico, Maurizio Arrivabene was very clear in this respect: “months, we spent our right of veto to be able to exercise our right of legitimate business to doing business as motor manufacturers. The head of Ferrari also added his point of view with a metaphor: “why do we have to justify it any other way? If someone asks you to do an apple with a certain specification and what do you do with a lot of complications, but then you want to dictate the price of that apple, what would you do?”.

The position of Ferrari is clear, you may not sell engines cheaper than what it costs to manufacture them. The brand understands that a regulation as complex as the current implies a cost of development very high, something that justifies the high price of their power units. FIA tries to enforce in the interest of the client computers without valuing the work that you have to make the team of Maranello to get a unit of power competitive. Currently, each team has to pay a price of around € 20 million for the supply of power units during the season.