Arrivabene began to Marciello because I didn’t want to be in F1

Raffaele MarcielloRaffaele Marciello, the young pilot that has formed in the Ferrari Driver Academy between 2010 and 2015, has now been fired by Ferrari. Marciello has competed in 2014 and 2015 in GP2, although he has not achieved results that have impressed Ferrari. A pilot could have made his debut under the tutelage of Ferrari in the highest category, most likely with a team like Sauber. However, Marciello has signed a third season in GP2, but without the support of Maranello.

With 21 years of age, Marciello has been repudiated of the Ferrari Driver Academy after five years. According to Marciello, Maurizio Arrivabene has been the architect of the dismissal, since according to him, the Italian didn’t want to see in F1. In addition the academy riders in italy is experiencing a profound restructuring with the arrival of Massimo Rivola as a director. Want to change, and not only in the direction, also in their drivers, and that is why he produced this output.

Arrivabene señalandoRaffaele has declared to the Italian magazine Autosprint that “I don’t Think I liked Arrivabene. It is normal, there are people you like and people who don’t. did Not want to let me be in a Ferrari, that’s why I threw it.“. So what have been told by the young pilot, insinuating that the triggers of his dismissal go beyond the sports scores and delve into the personal, with a relationship not too charming, with Arrivabene. But the Italian rider is not closed doors and do not rule out anything for the future.

Although the F1 is the dream of Marciello, tampoco would be in other categories such as the IndyCar or the DTM. By the time you have to fight to get noticed in GP2 if he wants to move. Marciello ends reflexiuonando on your step-by-Ferrari “I Spent five years at Ferrari. I learned many things thanks to them, but I think that for me it has been like the end of a problem. I had no chance of getting to Formula 1, so for me it was the right move. I think that now I have more options.“.