Arrivabene: “I can’t imagine a situation like the Mercedes among our pilots”


Maurizio Arrivabene looks very unlikely that a situation like
the lived between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg in the Grand Prix of Austria can reach to be between Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Räikkönen.
Both riders collided with each other in the first turn of the Grand Prix of China this year, but on that occasion it was as
a result of the scare that took Vettel to be ahead
Daniil Kvyat, who led that gave a swerve and hit with

Arrivabene prefer not to comment on what happened at Mercedes, but
he claims to be very happy with their riders. “’ll Leave you with this problems in
the hands of Toto (Wolff). I am happy with Kimi and Seb, I can not imagine
a situation like the Mercedes with our two pilots”
. Without
to go more far in the last European Grand Prix, Räikkönen complied with
without question the team orders and allowed to pass Vettel, although
after the race he criticised the place that the team chose to perform
the maneuver, making you lose more time than desired.

Pirelli and Ferrari join forces

on the other hand, Ferrari is working closely with Pirelli
to determine the causes of failure in the rear tire right
Sebastian Vettel, who forced him to leave after 26 laps.
Arrivabene denies that demanded too much from the tire, alleging that
even pretended to extend over the first over with that tire
superblando. “No, we were looking to go even longer and we had a lot of
information of Seb. There were No signs in the telemetry, nothing
Sebastian that things were bad. Then, the tire is
, said Arrivabene to the press shifted to Austria.

pianos have caused many problems in the Red Bull Ring and
several teams had broken suspension. But Arrivabene is not
you have the certainty that you have compared with what happened in the
tire of Vettel. “it Is too early to say, but it is
possible. It is strange that we were apparently the only ones with
this problem. We are working closely with Pirelli in the
analysis. When I started working at Ferrari, told him that I always
I would say the truth, and the truth is that I don’t know what has happened”
recognizes Arrivabene, who, in addition, claims that Vettel would have finished
near the head of not be abandoned. “Vettel was leading
and, according to our calculations, would have ended near the
head. How much, we’ll never know”

Romain Grosjean adopted the same strategy as Vettel, starting with superblandos and extending the first relay. When Vettel suffered the accident and the safety car came on the scene, the frenchman came into the pits to change tyres and finish the race with a release of 45 laps with soft used.