Arrivabene on Vettel: “We are honest with one another, is giving it all”


Maurizio Arrivabene has been one of the attendees at the official press conference of the FIA in Interlagos and, in it, has tried to fund a large number of issues.

The head of the Scuderia has defended the passion that Sebastian Vettel projected in his work and points out that it should not be confused with frustration, comparing more with a latino with a German.

In that same context, Arrivabene denied that the so-called ‘italianización‘ Ferrari is a problem, but rather the opposite, and he claims to know very well how complicated are the commissioners to do their work. Finally, it touches the subject of the Formula E, a matter in which Sergio Marchionne has acknowledged to be interested in the long term.

Sebastian Vettel

I have zero problems with Sebastian. As I have said many, many times, Sebastian is very emotional. Sometimes it seems more Latin than German. I think that Christian (Horner, also present at the press conference) you know what I mean. It is very emotional, very passionate, especially when you’re driving and battling on the track.”

“it is Not a matter of frustration. Some times you can be unhappy as we are that our expectations are different. But there is a guy that give up, pushes like a demon. Sometimes, when the adrenaline goes up through the clouds, perhaps choose words more high than expected. Then my role, as in Mexico, it is also to call you and invite you to focus on what you are doing. We are honest with one another, we have a fantastic relationship based on honesty in the day-to-day. I respect him as a pilot, was four times Champion of the World, puts all of himself in what he does”.

the work of The commissioners

“I Understand the difficulties of the commissioners, because sometimes they have to make a decision immediately and take it you need to collect in a short time all the available data. And it is not an easy job, I think. We have said many times that there is to try to find a way to simplify the rules, so I think that is something that we need to think of the future, making sure that we do not make a rule that is covered by the rule B that is covered by the C, D, E, F, and so on. If there is a rule it is the and point”.

I’m expressing my opinion with all the respect for the people who are making the rules. But I think that this sport is already complicated enough in terms of technology, in terms of what it is that we need to build and make competitive. I think that simplifying the rules could help the whole world.”

The critical of Ecclestone in the ‘italianización’ Ferrari

“Before anything else, we all know Bernie (Ecclestone). The day before said the opposite and also came to explain himself without being called. If I’m not wrong, said that I needed someone nearby to help me. I don’t need it. I am part of the racing department of Ferrari, and I have hundreds of people around me. We have a technical group again led by Mattia Binotto. They are enthusiastic, they are working very well, so, we have a team. In terms of passion, I was always passionate about Ferrari, all my life. I have to say that even before you do the job, Ferrari is passion, is emotion. When I’m in the factory and crossed the street to go to the department of GT and look at the new cars in GT that are coming out of the factory, for me it’s a great feeling. And that is not a drawback, it is a dream.”

The Formula E

“The strategy in terms of investment it is not my responsibility. The Formula E, I think that Mr. Marchionne was very clear, at this time, is not in the program of Ferrari. If we talk about hybrid, we have the Formula 1, we are increasing our experience in this aspect in the Formula 1. Could, but does not depend on me to decide or to indicate the correct strategy, but Formula E, I don’t think so”.