Arrivabene: “The atmosphere in Ferrari is much better than what is said”


Maurizio Arrivabene attended the Friday press conference-official FIA and addressed two topics that stood out above the rest. On the one hand, the renewed performance of Kimi Räikkönen, who is returning to show their better face after several years of doubts.

“Kimi is World Champion, with us, in fact,”

The Finnish driver has recovered its mordant and Maurizio Arrivabene does not understand that has been a World Champion like him. “In my opinion, everyone seems to surprised when he talks about the performance of Kimi (Räikkönen), but there is nothing to be surprised. The guy is a World Champion, with us in fact”.

despite this, Arrivabene recognizes that something has changed in Kimi and points to greater confidence of their team work and their good relationship with Sebastian Vettel as two of the causes of improvement. “Very likely to have been suffering in the last few years, but now you can feel that the team is… part of the team that is working with Kimi is committed to him. It has a very good relationship with Sebastian, and that helps, it is a matter of feeling the confidence of the people that is around you, you are giving the best of himself. When you have to push, push very, very hard”.

on the other hand, Arrivabene has answered the statements made this month by Luca Baldisserri, former chief mechanic of Ferrari, and later responsible of the Ferrari Drivers Academy. The Italian claimed that the Scuderia was shackled by the culture of fear was introduced by Arrivabene on the computer.

“criticism is normal, but sometimes goes too far”

To Arrivabene, to live with the criticism is the most normal thing if you work for Ferrari. “It’s an old story, Ferrari in Italy is like the national soccer team. I think the pressure is normal, have voltage is normal, criticism is normal, so you have to live with it. He sometimes goes too far”, pointed out, however Arrivabene.

The Head of the Scuderia defends the working atmosphere of the team, and flees dramatismos, stating that they must stay focused and ignore the comments. “Our job is to stay focused on what we are doing, and go on our way. It is part of our job, if you’re working in Maranello, if you work for a brand like Ferrari, you have to accept all of this, whether you like it or not. The atmosphere within the team is completely different from what people think, or what you read in the newspapers sometimes”.