Arrives to Spain the Toyota Auris 2016, the range receives a number of developments

Toyota Auris 2016

The new Toyota Auris 2016 debuts Grey Meteor.

is Already on sale in Spain the new Toyota Auris 2016. The well-known compact japanese receives a series of updates to the base model as well as for your variant of a more familiar, Toyota Auris Touring Sports 2016. New colors for the body, a equipment, more technology or different settings on the hybrid system are some of the novelties that we find in the new range that starts its marketing in our market.

The range will be composed in our market by a total of four finishes: Business, Active, Feel! and Advance. On the other hand and on an aesthetic level, as we have said, there are new colors available for the body. In particular, these are two colours: Grey Meteor, and Blue Ocean. In addition, the finish Feel! now comes standard with a keyless entry system and the opening of the trunk (Smart Entry).

Another of the main novelties that will see in the range is the multimedia system Toyota Touch 2, which provides new specifications and services. The touch screen of seven inches associated with such a system of info-entertainment now released the new menus and functions, among which we highlight the browser for the versions with Toyota Touch 2 & GO.

Toyota Auris Touring Sports 2016

The Toyota Auris Touring Sports 2016 also opens color. Blue Ocean.

Going to the (mechanic, we will find the most important novelties of the range. And is that the hybrid drive system combined Full Hybrid that mounted both the Auris as the Auris Touring Sports, has been redesigned and now, according to the brand, offers a driving experience more pleasant and natural. And is that the engineers have worked on improving the alignment between the engine speed and the speed of the own vehicle. There are No data on performance and/or consumption, so that we assume that there are no changes in this aspect.

And the same thing happens with the motirizaciones available in the range by 2016. Remain without changes. Therefore, there will be a version of gasoline, 120%, two diesel-90, and 115D, as well as a hybrid.

Manufactured at the plant of Toyota in Burnaston, Derbyshire (Uk), the new Toyota Auris 2016 and Auris Touring Sports 2016 are already on sale in Spain and throughout Europe. You can see below the list of official prices for our market.

Price Toyota Auris 2016

Tipo Versión P.V.P.
Híbrido Hybrid Business 22.020 €
Hybrid Hybrid Active 22.920 €
Hybrid Hybrid Feel! 25.070 €
Hybrid Hybrid Advance 26.120 €
Gasoline 120T Active 20.660 €
Gasoline 120T Feel! 24.110 €
Diesel 90D Business 20.533 €
Diesel 90D Active 21.680 €
Diesel 90D Feel! 24.130 €
Diesel 115D Active 22.880 €
Diesel 115D Feel! 25.330 €
Diesel 115D Advance 26.480 €

Toyota Auris 2016 - interior

A look at the interior of the new Toyota Auris 2016.

Price Toyota Auris Touring Sports 2016

Tipo Versión P.V.P.
Híbrido Hybrid Business 22.020 €
Hybrid Hybrid Active 22.920 €
Hybrid Hybrid Feel! 26.570 €
Hybrid Hybrid Advance 27.620 €
Gasoline 120T Active 22.160 €
Gasoline 120T Feel! 25.610 €
Diesel 90D Business 21.480 €
Diesel 90D Active 23.180 €
Diesel 90D Feel! 25.630 €
Diesel 115D Active 24.380 €
Diesel 115D Feel! 26.830 €
Diesel 115D Advance 27.980 €

The above prices are recommended and lack of potential discounts and/or promotions on the market.