Artega Scalo Superelettra: new version with more than 1000 HP of the sporty electric German

First images of Artega Scalo Superelletra.

The small German brand Artega will present in Geneva in 2017 his latest work, the Artega Scalo Superelletra developed in collaboration with the coachbuilder Touring. This happens to be a discreet sporty classic look that hides a peculiar configuration of the vehicle interior and a powerful electric drivetrain.

Although for the moment have not been revealed to your specifications, it is believed that it will have up to 4 electric motors with a total power of combined around 750 kW, a total of 1,020 HP. Very high performance that contrasts with the classic look of the model, which has a few lines and proportions are very similar to those of the recently unveiled Alpine A110.

Its forms have been signed by Touring, which has given the Scalo of a few lines very simple and fluid. In the front we find a sharp front, with the optical dome oval on the ends of a flat front hood, finished off in a nose totally open to input mode of air.

classic Silhouette for the new Artega.

Not with mirrors, but with two small cameras mounted on masts. Which seems to indicate that for the moment the issue of images is a concept and not a version completely final production.

The design itself is clearly an evolution of the Scalo concept that Artega is already filed in 2015. At that time, the prototype had basically the same design of the Artega GT, the now-defunct coupe that launched the brand at the end of the last decade, equipped with V6 engines of origin Volkswagen. The new lines seem to widen to the model, which has a cabin three-seater, which may explain its new width.

The concept initial, presented at the IAA Frankfurt 2015, it also had a mechanical to electrical, but with about half the power of that, in theory, will the new Scalo Superelletra.

New proportions but a design very similar to the Artega GT original.

According to the brand, the production of the Scalo Superelettra will start in 2019, with a limited production to only 50 units. Its price, at the moment, has not been revealed.