As a child with new shoes: BAC has new tires… and they are carbon fiber

Festival of Speed Goodwood gearing up, there is nothing left and the brands are quick to remind us that there are going to be able to enjoy real wonders of motor racing, classic and supercars from all substance, and with the latest news relevant, something that we detailed in the article “10 important news to be presented at the Festival of Speed of Goodwood”. BAC has not wanted to stay behind and be present with a novelty that while it is not the start of a long, new model leaves us with a BAC Mono even more tempting, why?

The BAC Mono has a 4-cylinder engine and 2.5-liter that develops 305 horses to 580 kg

The front wheels weigh 5.7 kg, the rear 6 kg

BAC ha dress to the BAC Mono with a new set of tires, a 17-inch wheels developed using carbon fiber.

The company also british Dymag has been commissioned to make these custom shoes, some tires that implies a weight reduction on each axle of a 23%.

The wheels, with 10-spoke design and a U, are optional and require an additional expenditure of 9.950 pounds when I purchased the car, or 12,500 pounds if you want to mount on your BAC Mono already purchased. If we translate this into euros leaves us with an extra that is worth about 13,000 euros in the first case, and a few 16.250 euros in the second case.

A good payout since then.

Recall that BAC recently introduced another improvement in the BAC Mono, a new chassis which improves its livability with 56 mm of additional.