As planned, the Audi Q1 already has the green light for production

We took for granted that the Audi Q1 which should reach the market in the year 2020 had the green light to proceed to production for a long time. However, a few days ago jumped the news that, that will be the all the way more small of the signature of Ingolstadt, had not yet received the approval on the part of the address of the Volkswagen Group, leaving to stand by the project.

This situation was the less surreal, as the Q2 is having a sales, for its price, quality and equipment, pretty good, so we didn’t understand what was going on in Audi. However, after the doubts and turns that has given this rumor and the declarations of the responsible for the brand of the four hoops that the food, now it seems that if there is official confirmation and its arrival is scheduled for the date indicated: 2020.

According to statements by the Head of Sales and Marketing of Audi, Bram Schot (the same which indicated that the Q1 not yet had a green light)

“the preference of the customer for all roads and SUVs has forced Audi to include the new Q1 in its strategy for this segment, since it seems that has not yet touched the ceiling”

As would say the great Mayra Gómez Kemp “up here, we can read”, because Audi still has not released garment some of the key technical data that will shape the new Q1. Up to where we know it will be a clone (by platform, range mechanics and possibilities of equipment) of the Seat Arona, Ibiza and Volkswagen Polo. Therefore, as already stated a few days ago, the only difference between some models and others it will be their commercial approach and, of course price.

In any case, if the small Q1 will be the whole way that will open the range SUV of the brand German, for the year 2020 is also expected to reach the that the has of close, the great Q8. Will have to wait for the Group Volkswagen, or Audi, release more information, or, in any case, they will start leaking. Do you support gambling?

Source – Audi

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