As well as promising to the sound of the new BMW M2

BMW M2 precio EspaƱaWe are in full CES 2016 Las Vegas, intoxicated with so much technology, but we need to spend a little time to desintoxicarnos of both appliance with wheels. It’s time to meet the sound of the new BMW M2, the last creature of BMW Motorsport on the coupe smaller than the range. This year, start your marketing and we already want to drive it.

The boys of EVO neither have been able to do yet, but yes we now show a video almost unboxing in the withering away of some of the most intimate details in the first person of the new sports. We know its exterior details, interior and… your sound. Its encouraging sound.


do Not expect too much, and is that you have to move up to the minute 4:40 to hear how it sounds the new beast German. Listen to your boot and a couple of concise but sound footsteps on empty. We don’t know if it’s the acoustics, the recording, or because it actually sounds different, that does not seem to copy the sound as metallic as the M3 and M4.

To pour a jug of cold water to our memory after the holidays, only tell you that the new BMW M2 placed under the hood mechanics 6-cylinder in-line supercharged with 370 horses of power. The power is sent to the rear axle and get stop the clock in 4.3 seconds in the 0-100 km/h with automatic switching. Because it is also available with manual switching. In Spain you will have to shell out 62.900 euros to get your hands on one.

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