As well sound $ 38 million to the open grave on a mountain road

Imagine that you have a car that is worth a whopping $ 38 million. We talk about a Ferrari 250 GTO, the car which has broken all records for price at auction. Although not to this same issue, have come to pay almost 5,000 million of the old pesetas by one of these machines. Think coldly… to my mind it is hard to understand such a storm of numbers. Now think of to pilot that machine value stratospheric for a mountain road, closed only for you.

Very few owners dare to drive a V12 atmospheric as this pace for a curved road.

I Guess that is one of the luxuries possible if you are able to afford a machine as stunning as the Ferrari 250 GTO. And it really is the way to enjoy a car made to be driven in circuit, and win endurance races. It is not a car made to be accumulating dust in a garage, is a car made for your V12 breathe and roar with force. A V12 the maximum torque of the 3.0-liter that develops a perfect 300 HP through a manual gearbox five relationships, with its metal grille.

Listen to it roar at 7,000 rpm it is a rare treat, and is the one that we offer our fellow Petrolicious in this beautiful video. For once there is testimony of its owner, or exterior shots. Only one internal camera, and a perfect recorded sound from the exhaust. 7 minutes of a V12 to full-throated, 7 minutes of pure fun in a car that is worth more than many mansions. Enjoy it.

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